Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Zentangle

This year I joined my local art club, The Escape Artists, and one member introduced me to Zentangles.
They are fun to do and they also help with creativity as there is no pressure when creating them.
Check out:    I get their newsletter and enjoy their tips.

This is the first one I attempted and I call it, "Z is for ....."

I actually did it from another angle and was really surprised by this image when I had completed it.

Try doing some and see how you like them!

Tomatoes in the BC Garden

2010 was not a very good gardening year on Vancouver Island.  Finally the green tomatoes are turning colour and I am saving seeds from them as they are all heritage varieties.  One old variety that I have not grown in decades is Starfire, a Canadian one from the early 1960's.  Here is a photo.  It was my best producer this year.