Sunday, February 14, 2010

1999 - My First Graphite

I thought I should start at the beginning of my canine art so here is my first completed graphite portrait from January, 1999.  This is of my beloved Collie, Flash, and it is entitled, Flash in Black & White.  It has an 8" diameter.  This is the only image I have so it is quite small as it is professionally framed and I do not want to remove it from its frame to scan it.

In 1983 I commissioned an artist, Mary Cordell, to do a portrait of Flash for a birthday present for my husband and we still have that framed and on the wall.  It was only when I started doing my own art that I wanted to do my own portrait of her and it was very satisfying to complete it.

Pet portraits are a way to give a lasting tribute to the love we feel for our pets.  I encourage owners to take lots of photos of their animals, especially while they are in their younger years.  Since most animal artists work from photos, choosing a photo from when the animal was in its prime is a wise thing to do.  This is the way we want to remember them.

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